Recrutement — ANR FanoHK

ANR Project FanoHK will offer two one-year postdoctoral positions, one in Toulouse and one in Dijon.

You will find below the announcement for the position in Toulouse. Stay tuned for more info coming soon about the position in Dijon.

Job announcement for the position in Toulouse

The ANR project FanoHK offers a one-year post-doctoral position at the Toulouse Mathematics Institute, with a possibility to extend it to a second year.

Location: Toulouse Mathematics Institute, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse (France)

Starting date: October 1st, 2022. Applicants need to have defended their PhD before this date.

Duration: 12 months.

Salary: 2300€–2600€ (before taxes)

Teaching duties: None

Contacts: Marcello.Bernardara à; Thomas.Dedieu à; Laurent.Manivel à; (replace 'à' with usual sign in e-mail adresses with an a)

Applicants must provide:

The deadline for applications is January 15th, 2022.